A.M. Look 4/26/19

This is a really good day to do absolutely nothing!!

The day will revolve around a volatility crush in the options market.

Risk Spreads in the Nasd are positive, sideways in the Spoo’s

Healthcare is the low risk sector to look for alpha today.

There is no panic in the VIX.

Investors are complacent waiting for another melt up.

It’s Friday, without a new catalyst, markets will more than likely grind up at the end of the day.

Time frame trading today. Make money early and leave it alone.

We’re at a level i.n the Spoos that Hamsters will start shorting. (potential double top with 20+ S&P points of risk)

Next week the mid-week shuffle will telegraph new direction.
May 1 is a Wednesday!

For many your WhiteWave Trial is ending.

I wish to thank you for your time and participation.

I’m available for questions if you wish to reach out today.



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