A.M. Look 4/2/20

Oil...20 dollars is the current floor. Closing below all bets are off for
some semblance of order in the Oil patch.

Short term closing level is 21.84 to maintain above.

Everything is a point to point trade.

The Room has been all over it in the Indices.
Thanks for paying attention to the game!!

Sterling want to rally another couple of figures.

EUR/GBP...@ its 200 DMA & 50 WMA will determine how it moves.

Spoo’s...are just a trade @ the Matrix #’s.
25-50 sometimes 80 points with known risk.

It will take into the 2520’s to turn the 100X3 and confirm yesterday’s low.

Keep it up guys and don’t let the news flow deter you from the methodology.

Below is a copy of the YouTube link with yesterday’s conversation with Yra.
Tomorrow’s news today.


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