A.M. Look 4/19/21

30 Yr. Bond Futures are sitting on their 200 WMA with the daily Yield @ its 50 DMA; waiting to discern new direction.

Copper and the miners are up.

Gold is enticing, however I’m not interested in chasing strength. Will look at gold 25-30 dollars lower.

Commodities against a rising Yuan. Beans and Copper look best.
Not interested in chasing strength here either.

Dollar weakness is coming into initial resistance against the Suisse, Euro & GBP.

Spoo’s…4137.50 is the reversal # on the 50X3.

We’ve seen rallies of 450-550 Spoo points without a reversal on the 100X3.

Where is the top and the end of the rally?

There is room on the targets for higher in the Spoo. The # has been on the sheet for over a year.

This is the only high confidence level I have for hedging or shorting for a reaction.

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