A.M. Look 3/9/20

Yra sent me a note last night; This is complete insanity!

I started on the Floor in 1974. It’s never been wilder.

I was speaking with Angelo making light of the fact I had a swing count in the March 30 Yr. Bonds 15 points higher.

Never say never.

Oil has to hold 26 to forestall even more panic.

Pimco came out saying the U.S. going into recession.
Italy already is in recession with the Italian Bonds getting smoked against the Bund.

It’s all about perceived safety.

All the while the Whitehouse seems to be holding a prayer meeting.
They will be trotting out people all day today to try and calm things down.

When there is lack of leadership chaos reigns.

Today will be one of the wildest trading days of all time with low liquidity.

How do you like all those dark pools now?

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