A.M. Look 3/6/20

I’ve been up listening to the utter gibberish from the buy only crowd on.

2007-8 break took five years to recover price.

You’re going to get big Index rallies to nowhere given low liquidity.

Spoo/Bonds have gapped below its 200 WMA. The Trump election low stopped @ the 200 WMA.

Nasd 100/Bonds did not come all the way down here to not elect the qtly sell stops.

Hamsters will get opportunities both ways today.

Platinum is showing bottoming action. It has rallied back to its 200 DMA.
It’s not Gold and Gold is leading.

The Matrix course is going to start up again with several Sessions this month.

I haven’t sat down to generate the Bond targets. A back of napkin swing would mean that your mortgage rate can and will go lower.

Best get that done before the barn door shuts.

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