A.M. Look 2/8/21

Investors are fixated with the 30 Yr.

After reading the comment section of Notes I went back and dug a little deeper into the technicals.

My main takeaway is that some are measuring moves off the wrong chart.

A 30 yr. Daily Continuation will have you looking at the wrong high.
You must measure off the active daily and even that is incorrect.

The March 9 2020 high is where the discrepancy lies.

The swing count at the time was to 187.15.
The June was the active contract with a 187.29 high.

I’m saying this because Langer has a level just above 166 in the 30 that can flip the board!!!!

Platinum is the leading the metal complex.

Platinum /Gold looks to have broken out above its 200 Week, and is trading slightly above its 50 Month.

Etherium opened and is currently close to its opening range of last night @ 1669.75. It’s hanging in.

WPRT is up 54%.

NMRD & OCGN are the medical high fliers

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