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A.M. Look 5/4/21

Etherium remains the value trade against Bitcoin. The spread wants to trade its cash opening range. A couple of closes through that level will elect a whole new swing. Platinum /Gold is winding up, showing continued interest in industrial metals. … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 3/29/21

Daily Market Intelligence 3:29:21

A.M. Look 2/16/21

In the news; China mulling rare earths embargo to the west. MP up 12% on the headline. Yellen mulls taking down 1.6 Trillion Treasury reserves held by the FED. Notwithstanding Yields higher with Risk On this will effect the game … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 2/16/21

Daily Market Intelligence 2:16:21

A.M. Look 2/10/21

Platinum/Gold & Platinum/Yen The spread should go back to retest its 1975¬†opening range @ 8972 Pot Stocks!!! up 23% BG…closing in on the 50% Fib of the past 2 decades around 80-82 depending on which swing you prefer. Crypto just … Continue reading

A.M. Look 2/8/21

Investors are fixated with the 30 Yr. After reading the comment section of Notes I went back and dug a little deeper into the technicals. My main takeaway is that some are measuring moves off the wrong chart. A 30 … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 12/7/20

Daily Market Intelligence 12-7-20

Daily Market Intelligence 7/20/20

Daily Market Intelligence 7-20-20

A.M. Look 9/4/19

A headline driven rally¬†to nowhere? I’ll reserve judgement until after the U.S. capital flow shows itself. Spoo’s will take into the 40’s to turn up on the 50X3. Midcap rallied back to its 200 DMA Russell is nowhere. Silver hit … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 4/29/19

Daily Market Intelligence 4-29-19