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A.M. Look 12/10/21

Crude is holding its qtly pivot which is now lining up with its 200 DMA.  (support) Etherium held cloud support. Risk to own is the over night low. I’m going to keep an eye on the semi’s for clues to … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 12/6/21

Daily Market Intelligence 12-6-21

Daily Market Intelligence 12/1/21

Daily Market Intelligence 12-1-21

A.M. Look 11/30/21

European interest rate futures are @ resistance. U.S. 30 yr. Yield, @ its 400 DMA, looks vulnerable to lower yields. Lower yields has the world running for cover in big cap tech and chips. Oil…67.05 is the 50 week which … Continue reading

A.M. Look 11/18/21

Be wary of the Indices trading close to their ATH.  Do not chase direction until it’s proven. Gold in Euro needs more work into and closing above its .618 to press further. Crypto wants to retest its 50 DMA’s

Daily Market Intelligence 11/15/21

Daily Market Intelligence 11-15-21

A.M. Look 11/11/21

Spoo Pit/ 30 yr. Yield picked up the 4625 reversal level in the mini’s. 4675 is the upside reversal # on the 50X3 The more confirming data you can find for a trade the higher confidence you will have trading … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 11/11/21

Daily Market Intelligence 11-11-21

A.M. look 11/3/21

Italian debt is into resistance with the Bund and U.S. 5 yr. charts showing room for rally. Natty, Aluminum and Copper are bid. Etherium is leading crypto. Targets are much higher. A break into unchanged on the week would provide … Continue reading

A.M. look 11/2/21

RBA met and decided against YCC. Aussie is a tough read. I looked at AUD/JPY, EUR/AUD, AUD/YUAN and I can’t get a good read. At least I can’t get a look that would entice me to do anything. Crypto is … Continue reading