A.M. Look 2/7/20


Spoo/Bond is back lower on the year. It will be important to see how this winds up the week.

Nasd 100 would need under 9370 ish to breakdown on the PNF

30 Yr. cloud momentum resistance is @ 162.10.
This will effect the Spoo’s

Of note there were two interesting articles that came out last night.

Opec Vienna; is Russia getting even for the Saudi’s screwing them after the fall of the wall now that they have swing producing status by not agreeing to production cuts?

KSU…Barron’s article. Thanks for the heads up Yra.


It will be a price action trade with a couple of wiggles.
The past two Friday’s have been major risk off.

Trade what you see early.
Let the price action dictate your actions.

Late day it will be all about owning Risk assets going home over the weekend.

China’s Lunar lockdown holiday ends Sunday with many already being told not to come back to work ( Foxconn)

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