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A.M. Look 2/7/20

  Spoo/Bond is back lower on the year. It will be important to see how this winds up the week. Nasd 100 would need under 9370 ish to breakdown on the PNF 30 Yr. cloud momentum resistance is @ 162.10. … Continue reading

A.M. Look 2/12/19

Indices are up on tentative shutdown deal. Both Indices are at the top of value on the P&F charts. Oil and Oil names lead on Opec cut talks. Spu’s have a pit gap @ 2718-23 Nasd 100…6964.50-6972.25

Daily Market Intelligence 5/26/17

Daily Market Intelligence 5-26-17

Matrix Members

Follow the yellow brick road. Euro currency has bounced between its #’s twice yesterday for 100 point round trips. 105.50-106.50 The last break yesterday in the Oil was into the qtrly pivot @ 48.50. 51.35 is the next level. Tuesday’s … Continue reading

Midday Missive

XLE…avoid the Oil patch until after OPEC   YUM..

A.M. Look 12/4/15

Stocks… Spu’s…2065.50 is the weekly ORL # and today’s 50 year line. Do not over trade this level. This will be an end of day game to see if the chart patterns can be saved. Nasd 100…4620 is the weekly … Continue reading