A.M. Look 2/28/20

System almost normal. The room will be open soon.

Updated Matrix Sheets will be forthcoming.

Gold has lost it’s shine as investors unwind the long dollar/long U.S. Equities trade.

Silver has rolled over on it’s long-term Point & Figure matching the pattern in the Gold.

Stay off the metals.

This past week has been event trading 101.

VIX has spiked. Just looking at the screen it’s a place for a bounce just based off the Nasd.

We saw matching levels for a bounce yesterday. It was short lived.

I’ve had these levels mapped out forever. We know exactly where everyone gets offsides and the algos crush the unprepared.

Everyone is waiting to be rescued by the FED.

Central banks around the world are cornered by their short-termism with negative yields.

Today is one more day where you will see very big two way swings.
The late show will be of particular interest.

Everyday this week has been good year for the guys in the rooms.
Look for this to continue for a bit.

Markets will not respond positively to the revival meeting the administration tries to project from its pulpit.

It will reveal investor appetite for risk over the weekend.
Mutual Fund Monday is on deck.

Can the RIA’s who’ve just blown up their clients again convince them to double down.

Hope is not a strategy.
Dumb is forever.

PAX has a strategy. Stay the course and keep your track shoes on!

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