A.M. Look 2/27/20

In CQG hell !!!!!!!

After 2 hours last night working with programmers my system will not even boot up.

Jack will send an invite to PAX’s room.

I have some visibility, nothing reliable until the programs deconstruct my system later today.

I have limited quote board and point & figures.

Only took an hour to get that much up.

Spoo’s hit the first swing count @ 3060 overnight and popped 40 points.

Nasd 100 is lower on the year. Look for the monthly ORL stops to be elected sooner rather than later.

8148 is the Nasd 200 DMA.
5126 is the Spread 200 DMA. I would expect some price rejection off the level the first time in.

Dollar is getting smoked against the Euro & Suisse
Plaza accord Fibs rule the Dollar.

Markets were impressed with Bullwinkle’s choice of Pence “the head of the American Taliban and chief science denier” to head the virus outbreak.

Truly frightening!!!!!

This is not over.

Enlightened leadership is impressive. Now it’s the Democrats fault for Trump firing the head of the CDC and defunding the agency to build his wall that collapsed!

I digress. A little pissy when my system is not up.

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