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A.M. Look 12/3/20

All about the metals this A.M. Platinum leads. Four weeks ago today we put in a high in the Gold before a Friday Unemployment release. Platinum has been on a totally different path. Platinum is at a short-term go or … Continue reading

A.M. Look 9/29/20

In the news; deflation talk out of Europe. Metals rallied on the deflation theme along with the potential of Congress acting on stimulus. The correlation continues with Currencies and Metals trading with U.S, Indices. CHF/JPY…bottomed @ its 200 DMA with … Continue reading

A.M. Look 2/27/20

In CQG hell !!!!!!! After 2 hours last night working with programmers my system will not even boot up. Jack will send an invite to PAX’s room. I have some visibility, nothing reliable until the programs deconstruct my system later … Continue reading

Midday Missive

Suisse,Yuan & Canadian dollar were all signaling Risk Off. Gold broke into Support. Still no standout signal against the currencies for a long. I’m focused on the Nasd/Bonds. The game will be the weekly Pit Gap. Short-Term traders..the only level you should … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 10/3/19

Daily Market Intelligence 10-3-19

Midday Missive

Spoo’s filled qtrly gap. The current reversal level for the SPOO is @ 2862 ish. Not looking for that to happen. Nasd 100 has another 60 points to go before we see a descent bounce. Euro is screaming against all … Continue reading

The Late Show

The Long Dollar trade seems to be coming to an abrupt end. Euro & Swiss have daily ORH patterns. Same in the Euro crosses against the yen & Yuan GOOGL is leading the Nasd  with an ORH pattern. 1109 is … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 8/31/18

Daily Market Intelligence 8-31-18

Daily Market Intelligence 8/17/17

Daily Market Intelligence 8-17-17

A.M. Look 5/8/17

Gold..today’s ORH # is 1236. Euro…needs sustained and closing price action below 109.48 ( today’s ORL#) for lower. Euro Currency Futures..EU6M7 currently trade @ 20-22 ticks over Cash. I write cash levels. Both the Euro & Swiss have retested the … Continue reading