A.M. Look 1/30/18

30 yr. Bonds were off close to a point in early Asia which triggered further profit taking in the Indices.

I suggest you take the time to listen to the interviews Yra gave on the link below


Spu’s...put in the expected reversal on the 50X3 P&F and so far held.

In the past 6 months that was enough of a correction to get up and go again, however the 25X3 has a pattern that is ripe for a retest.

The jury is out.

Nasd 100 traded to daily momentum support. it will take sustained price action below 6915 to confirm lower.

The Dollar sell off was in Europe.

Euro...today’s ORH # is 124.36.
The P&F chart says to not trust the rally without sustained price action higher.

Don’t chase.


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Spu… 25X3

Nasd 100…

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