Midday Missive

So far the bounce is┬ámuted in the Spu’s.

The previous three 50 point corrections have produced fast rebounds. This is not happening.

The healthcare disruption announced this A.M. is no small thing!!!

I am going neutral all equity Indices tonight.
The risk spreads do not show a blowoff pattern although they’re due for a good correction.

Nasd/Bonds Semi-Annual chart..remember this is a very long -term look! Has me wary of picking a low.

There is no law that says it has to trade the 2000 High without a correction.

The wave counts on the Semi should be enough to make one cautious.

I’m looking for the Spu’s to put in a lower low from last night.

Then I’ll re-evaluate.

Nasd 100/Bonds…Semi-Annual

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