A.M. Look 11/25/20

I wish everyone an enjoyable holiday.

WhiteWave Holiday schedule.

There will be no written research for the rest of the week.
11/30/20 A.M. Look will be the next written research.

Judd’s Room will be open all day today and will reopen Monday 11/30/20 at the usual time.

We’re seeing a relief bid in the Gold against everything.

I view this as a bounce off its 200 DMA with ultra low RSI’s in all relationship spreads.

It’s just a normal corrective exhale. Not looking for anything.

Spoo..25X3 had a relief wiggle last night after a 100 point one-way move.

Spoo/Bond rallied to within a couple of ticks of the 2018 high last night.

Pay attention to the game that is presented.

Euro…ran up into the low 119’s fishing for orders last night.
I should not have to revisit the problems buying strength into this figure.

FYI..Monday is month end with Mutual Fund averaging expected 12/1

11/30…. Full Moon Trading with an 86% Lunar eclipse.

Warm up your Ouija boards!

Listen to the recording, it’s not that long!

Yra & Andrew discuss the board.
This video recaps what we’ve been involved with and what’s next.


Thanks everyone!

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