A.M. Look 1/29/21

Yen crosses are in play.

GBP/JPY and Yen/Yuan

Peter pointed out the Wallstreetbets threads on Silver yesterday.
Silver/Yuan is leading.

As the Yuan strengthens so do many commodities. Grains & metals

Jesse was on the engulfing bull formation in Bitcoin.

Nice work guys!

Spoo…When Jeff sold the 3823’s yesterday it was a trade just looking for a reaction off the 50% gap level.

That gap will loom much larger over the markets, for that is the same type of gap we experienced last year when the Indices imploded.

The next few days will be very important for the technical models.

Volatility is up! Correlations are important.

Chamath takedown of Scott Wapner and the know nothing financial media.


Frontline Video that is as prescient today as it was during the 2007-8 Financial crisis.


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