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A.M. Look 2/20/20

Energy inventories today. FYI; today is March Crude expiration World Bond Futures higher with Dollar up. You guessed it = strong Gold Spoo’s come close to pinning the tail on the target last night in early Asia. It will take into the low … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 11/1/19

Daily Market Intelligence 11-1-19

Daily Market Intelligence 10/17/19

Daily Market Intelligence 10-17-19

A.M. Look 8/6/18

Spu’s …Point & Figure chart shows 2817 will be support and the closing downside pivot. DAX…is showing a possible ORH day on the back of a stronger Dollar. Sustained and closing price action above 12,760 is needed to believe the … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 8/6/18

Daily Market Intelligence 8-6-18

Daily Market Intelligence 4/13/18

Daily Market Intelligence 4-13-18

Midday Missive

Chips,Industrial s, along with the scrum to buy Financials ahead of tomorrow’s earnings. Transports have been particularly well bid. Look for this flow to dovetail Dollar buying with a strong European session finish. GBP/JPY is the best looking cross. Spu … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 4/11/18

Daily Market Intelligence 4-11-18

A.M. Look 3/6/18

Yen crosses are mirroring a risk on board. EUR/JPY  132.19 is the weekly ORH# with mvg avg resistance @ 132.29. Expect price rejection the first time up to match up with the 50 DMA in the Spu’s. EXEL…25.52 is first … Continue reading

Midday Missive

Oil…60.75 is the weekly ORL # Yen crosses are getting into daily oversold territory. AUD/JPY,GBP/JPY & EUR/JPY. When i see something like this it smells of a short covering rally after London’s close in the Indices. The bigger game will … Continue reading