A.M. Look 11/19/21

Nothing more to say.

Full Moon Trading with a Solar eclipse.

Spoo hit top of channel at the same time Nasd traded it’s target for this swing.

Those prices were scene just before London’s open and Austria announced a full covid lockdown.

Germany is not far behind.

Is this the high for a bit?¬†Unknown but the market respects the #’s!

The above reaction was Risk off in Oil and Currencies.

GBP/JPY is the cross with the highest probability to be an extreme.

Bitcoin…use the low to manage risk.

U.S. session will likely ignore a lot of the overnight price action so pay attention to the Point & Figures today.

I.E. Spoo would need to sustain and close under yesterdays 4668 low for a topping pattern.

That is a big ask.



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