A.M. Look 1/13/21

It’s just the beginning of the year and I feel if as if it’s the end of last.

Amazing how the send buttons work.

Your DMI should be in your in box.

Corn & Wheat joined the Soybean rally last night.

Corn want s to trade 5.75 ish.

Precious metals are in a consolidation phase after catching a bid yesterday with an oversold 30 Yr. Bond.

All U.S. Indices have hit or exceeded initial swing counts.

Spoo’s could easily retest last weeks ORH # @ 3753.

The world awaits today’s rat killing in D.C. to determine how smooth the Biden transition will be.

Keep your trading hats on!

When does a trader become an investor?
When he is wrong! “Yra”

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