The Late Show

This in lieu of tonight’s DMI.

Technical models that had a chance of changing direction have not.

Models are up.

It’s long the world in assets denominated in Yen.
We’ve been featuring these looks for days.

The more I look at USD/JPY the more I am convinced we’ll see a retest of the 1998 Clinton intervention @ 130, where Clinton Treasury rallied the Yen against the Yuan to make the Chinese happy.

Today nobody cares what the Chinese wish.

Nasd*30 yr. Yield broke out and is on the verge of starting another leg up.

Spoo*30 yr. Yield has not taken out the 2018 high.
A breakout here will see every manager in the world go into FOMO mode as Indices go parabolic.

30 Yr. Yield; 2.10 is resistance and the closing upside pivot.

Hamster vision is up and running.

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