A.M. Look 8/26/15


Spu’s…1950 will act as resistance.

154.58 is today’s resistance area


30 yr. Bonds…weaken under 157.22 close


The dollar is reacting to the Spu’s. You can’t buy strength or sell weakness.


OIL… 39.80 followed by 40.70 is resistance. Closing over 41.50 should lead to a good short covering rally.
Gold…as soon as the Spu’s found footing in early Asia this was sold. You’d need price action and a close over 1140 for the bulls to regain control.

General Comments or Valuable Insight

Welcome to the Mid-Week Shuffle.

Last night was a big back and forth session and today will likely be the same.
We need to see a close above 1870 Spu’s to see some stabilization.
Conceptually the equity Indices need to hold a rally late day. The opposite of what we’ve been seeing since last Wed.
The track is wet and sloppy.
Pay attention to your time frames and don’t get too opinionated.
Instruments are trading in unison.
I.E. Dollar weakens when the equity Indices break and the Bonds receive a flight to quality bid.
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