A.M. Look 8/14/18

Spu’s…are caught between 2820-2844. You’ll need a breakout of this range to see further price movement.

Given its August, caution should be exercised at the extremes.
Pressing direction at the extremes looking for follow through is unwise.

Oil..is the poster child for this. The short-term P&F looks up.
The long-term P&F shows it would take sustained and closing price action over 69 to turn up.

Internet already flipping out. I have speeds enough for e-mail but little else.

New service will be installed later today.

I wanted to open the room for a couple hours today.
As of now not looking good.

Key off Amazon today. 1920 ish will run it. Good above/ negative below.

Not a level to over trade.


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