A.M. Look 8/7/20

What if they gave a party and nobody came?

Many markets put in extremes over the past 24 hours.

Euro has a double top on the Point & Figure @ the opening range @ 119.19

Metals corrected last night after the Silver came within spitting distance of a 50% decade retrace.

Today is a day to have a you first attitude.

Many instruments are due for a little consolidation to work off extended technical formations and hot RSI’s.

Take it easy!

You’re going to hear more squabbling today out of D.C.

The Rat killing in the rescue package negotiation seems to be funding for the U.S. Post Office.

Expect some thin late day headline moves.

It’s been terrific trading environment. Today is a Cover Your Rear day.
There is absolutely no reason to let it all hang out.

Gold..will need a 2050 print for a pause on the 100X3.

Spoo…3200 for a pause on the 50X3

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