A.M. Look 7/10/19

Mid-Week Shuffle

Gold is soft against the Currencies and Copper.

Spoos put in a reversal last night on the 25X3.
The range is fairly wide.

It will take below 2965 or above 3K to get a new signal.

30 Yr. Bonds can get as low as 152.28 and not do much on a weekly chart.
European debt markets had a descent selloff last night taking our Treasuries along for the ride.

I’ll be going over European debt maps early.
There is room for multi 100 point corrections in the Bund & FBTP’s on a weekly chart.

Bonds are breaking faster than the Indices keeping risk spreads positive.

Oil will trade on its own. The top of the range has not changes on the weekly.

Yesterday’s second conversation with Yra


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