A.M. Look 6/25/20

Markets move from level to level.

It does not matter when a market completes a swing.
We live in a 24 hour investing world.

Spoo’s just sought out and trades the next level.

DJI, Spoo & Russell models will go Neutral this week as well as their Risk spreads.
Nasd 100 will likely remain up.

Spoo…100X3 would need a 3100 print to confirm last night’s low @ 3005.

2944 is the bottom of the long-term channel and the previous 2018 double top the Index broke from.

The range is big.

Trade the capital flows and above all don’t fight the flows.

It’s a lemming effect trade.

Don’t let the little beasties ruin your P&L.

Trade to make money/not to be right!


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