A.M. Look 6/25/19

Time for a little money management.

I’ll be rolling up the August 25 GDX calls this A.M.
After a $100 vertical move in Gold it’s the prudent play.

SNB woke up to a strengthening Suisse last night.
Looks like they are back to their old playbook of trying to manage Swiss strength.

USDCHF would need to close above 97.84 (below 102.98 Futures) to start turn the charts.

Spoo’s (2941) and Nasd 100 (7715) both need to close below last night’s Globex lows to weaken.

Do not overtrade the Indices.
You won’t like the experience this week.

Bitcoin can rally into Monday.
You’re rolling the dice for a negative G20 outcome by running the trade into Monday.

Qtrly work is being compiled.

A reminder to those that have yet to commit to the qtrly billing options,
work will only be sent to those members that are current and live in the system.

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