A.M. Look 6/21/21

Spoo’s got hit Friday on Jens Weidmann comments that ECB should start to taper.

Typically, indices see a lot of range trading into month end.

May Spoo made a wiggle down towards its Pit Gap and opened higher in the A.M.
We just saw the same price action last night.

Pit Gaps above and below.

Gold/Silver just went to a big screw zone on the life of the spread and bounced.

Gold is also getting a boost from crypto.

Put on your trading hats and keep them on into month end.

Sept Bonds had a big night. Matrix members should be using the sheets!!

30 & 10 Yr. Futures expiry.

It should be noted that the Spoo has not put in a new high against the 30 Yr. Yield since 2018, which was a lower high from
the January 2000.

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