A.M. Look 6/14/19

Full Moon weekend trading.

The short side is finished for this flow.

Whatever happens this afternoon can happen without me.

MU, MSFT, & INTC all have good trad able lows today.

Gold…1349.80 is the 50 yard line going into Month end.
It’s the qrtly ORH #.

Good above/ Weak below.

AUD/JPY weekly tells me to avoid China.

AMZN held its 50 DMA on today’s break.

NFLX probed its 200 DMA and rejected.

The board was defensive early.

It will be a trade what you see the rest of the day.

It’s next week when the world turns.

Those of you who have been on a Judd’s Room trial; those are ending.
You will receive a note about subscription options over the weekend.

Feel free to reach out today if you would like to discuss subscription packages.

New qtrly sheets are being prepared and will be sent @ month end.

If you don’t have the sheets you don’t have the playbook.

I will be back to your regularly scheduled program next week.

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