A.M. Look 5/7/21

Copper & Spoo are in play.

Copper has broken out against the Yuan.

Spoo…100X3 shows a double top, which I expect to see violated, leaving way to the target.

Short term P&F’s ( 25X3 ) are more granular and will confirm before the 100X3

The target matches up with the top off the channel.

Pattern recognition was lit up green with ORH signals in 40% of the Semi’s and a myriad of eta’s.

Looking for an initial sell off on the Indices to hold.

Literally heard on the street from one of our members; the Biden administration is throwing lots of money at small business owners, replacing lost earnings.

Simply put; more money in the system with not a lot of thought.
Check out Jamie Diamond’s comments yesterday.

“Dr. Marc Faber and Yra Harris on the Economy, Geo Political Risks and Investing” on


Thanks Richard!

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