A.M. Look 5/2/19

Let’s get right to the rat killing today.

The question is ” was that a mid-week shuffle low in a Bull or a
mid-week shuffle high/ with the technical models trying to turn from up to down?

I’m waiting for confirmation.

The Risk spreads went down to mvg avg support and reversed to retest yesterday’s breakdown

Spoo’s failed to put in a downside reversal on the 50X3 by app 10 points.

The short answer is it takes more than a day for market momentum
to turn.

I doubt looking at the current board that you’ll have a definitive answer until
after tomorrow’s payrolls #.

I have a couple of VXXB Call runners on for tomorrow.

I’ve been involved in an OTC stock PRED for a long time.
This should be in play again today.

Hamsters unite! The day seems to be one suited for you.

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