A.M. Look 4/16/20

Italian 10’s have rallied to momentum resistance.
Bono’s are putting in an ORH @ the bottom of a down move ( Bullish)

Watching both as a demand indicator for Gold upside.

Indices…still treating yesterday’s and last night’s lower retest as a tradable low.
The price movement was not exactly in the order I’d anticipated.

It’s all about where and how the Indices hold after an expectedly very large claims # this A.M.

We have hard numbers in the Nasd 100 & Gold for major upside breakouts.
Look at your sheets.

Those levels are still macro resistance!
They are exit zones for the shorter time-frame trader and a risk management level
for the contra-trend trader.

Upside targets will not be elected until there is sustained and closing price action above those levels for a couple of days in a row.

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