A.M. Look 3/19/20

CQG data is massively behind on my system.

Missing 3 100 point swing reversals on my 100X3 PNF from last night.

The 50X3 seems to be on.

I’m hoping this will fill in.

Spoo/Bond has done nothing more than catch up to momentum averages after a week of utter insanity.

No investing/Only trading! Don’t forget to take your money!

It’s back to the 80’s in the FX land.

10 figure move in EUR/AUD alone, which retested its 2008 close before implosion.

Get your Bloody heads out of the short-term charts!!


I am completely beside myself. The stuff you have taught me and I absorbed 😊
It fucking works!  I am sitting here with little stress trading fast moving markets Matrix to Matrix, sometimes sprinkling in an OR level.
Just amazing… and nice thing about it is when I go back to full time job, I will be able to work this without need to sit at computer.

Thanks again!

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