A.M. Look 3/19/19

It’s a gap and go in the Indices.

Spreads have broken out to the upside. We’re in buy the break mode.

The Spu long-term P&F takes 90 points to reverse.
Initial swing count is in the 2870’s.

Euro has to sustain above 133.65 and close above 113.65 to start another rally.

STNE…that one got away from me. I know i put out an initial 43 target @ 8:25 yesterday, i just didn’t think it would be in a straight line. Two closes over 43 elects another 10 dollars.

FCX is now a winner, albeit small. I’ll give it a little time this A.M.

Oil is filling old gaps from November. The exact gap varies a bit as to chart type. Daily or Daily Continuation

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