A.M. Look 2/5/18

The Long end of the curve is getting oversold short-term.

DAX…12,747 is its 200 DMA. Dax would have to stabilize above to help stabilize the U.S. Indices.

DJI…is indicated close to its 50 DMA based off the Futures.

Spu’s..have done two round trips last night. An initial 25 handle puke followed by a rally to unchanged on the week when it failed again after Germany failed to hold.

It will take into the NYSE opening to see who wants to be the first one to buy equities.

I’d look for a 2 way trade.

2753 is the near gap above with the 27 teens being the place to look for a good bounce.

AMZN…is trading below 1414, Friday’s low. This is not price positive. 1362 is momentum support.

Spu 25X3



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