A.M. Look 2/3/20

Big opening range extremes last night for the first trading day of Feb.

EUR/CNH hit an extreme.

Gold filled out its long-term PNF chart in the mid to high 1590’s.
Yra has discussed this level in room conversations.

The bounce was propelled by a ban on short selling the Chinese marketNotice about stock market in #China. No one is allowed to sell when the market resume on Feb. 3.  Biding price to be controlled before opening, no net sell before Feb. 7. Needs special permission for sales over 10M yuan. #CCP fearing market crash.

Thanks for the heads up Merv!

Nasd/Bond is holding above its 50 DMA.
Nasd should hold up better than the other indices given GOOGL reports after the close.

Trade what you see kind of day.
Let price when New York comes in dictate your actions.

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