A.M. Look 2/21/20

Is the party over or is this just another equity check?

Point & Figure charts show that last nights lows have to hold.

Nasd 100

Spoo’s…3366 is first PNF resistance. Sustained and closing price action over 3374 is needed to think the selling is over.

Let the price action tell you what to do today.

You’re going to get a couple of flows.

Gold and Bonds are the ticket.

The last time there was a semi-annual oscillator breakout in the Gold was 2002. That breakout lasted 10 years.

I’m not interested in chasing strength. Look for opportunity on 20-25 dollar breaks.

Some of you have $75 dollars in this trade tranche. Nothing to do but let it work.

30 Yr…. 165.07 qtly ORH buy stops will run price in the Spoo & Gold

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