A.M. Look 2/19/20

It’s the Mid-Week Shuffle. Trade accordingly.

SBGL..Sibayne Gold is up 11% this A.M.
30% in 4 days.

Equities are up on the anticipation of rate cuts and stimulus around the world.

Where do you want your money in a zero rate stimulate environment?

Gold and high yielding Equities.

Gold is trading @ the January high. It’s Wednesday; don’t chase.
If it can sustain above this level for a couple of days you’ll see another 30 dollars.

Reits, Utilities and perceived growth names ( A.I.) which I’ve been speaking about for months.

Oil is finally responding with some upside. Today is March Expiration.
Do not think about the fundamentals! This is a trade by the numbers situation.

You have the sheets you should bloody-well use them.

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