A.M. Look 12/6/18

I have a few thoughts about Baby Huey spinning in my head.
I’ll keep them to myself in deference to my Republican Friends.

Spu’s had a big ranges lat night as seen on the long-term P&F.
Sustained price action below last night’s lows will see more selling.

Nikkei, Spu’s & Nasd are back to showing ORL qtrly patterns.
21,475, 2698.75, 6987.50 are the respective levels. I suggest you write them down.

The end game is nearing.

AUD/JPY is a risk surrogate. 81.58 is the weekly ORL #
You’ll need to see price action above to confirm a bounce in the Indices.

VXX…be aware of the gap below @ 38.31-37.96

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