A.M Look 12/3/19

Expect more news driven trading as insults and accusations are the order of the day @ NATO.

Judd’s room will open late, closer to 12:00 CDT

Risk spreads are rolling over.

Spoo’s & Nasd 100 Futures have come into levels that need to be worked through. Selling weakness @ these levels will require a very tight leash

Trading Unfiltered, Episode 43 – Yra Harris – 12-02-19
Link: https://youtu.be/CQecx3UN-eY

SPU/DAX. Pressure on the European Bond Markets. Euro. Swiss. Ignoring the narrative of conventional media. Lagarde moving fast. EWG. DJI/GCE, GCE/USDCNY, GCE, GCETUU. EURODOLLAR (Dec). How and why European bank stocks will get a bid. Trump tariff talk (Brazil & Argentina). Policy not politics. The board is starting to change. Nobody buying the first of the month. Eyes on the European bank stock, Japanese & Germans. Hosted by Judd and Pax of Whitewave Trading Strategies & The PAX Group Read Yra’s blog: https://yragharris.com Judd: https://www.whitewavetradingstrategies.com/PAX: https://www.thepaxgroup.org



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