A.M. Look 12/19/18

Mid-Week Shuffle.

Yra wrote a succinct road map for this afternoon.

He is going to focus on price action in the Long end of the curve.

I’m going to be watching the Indices to see if they can make new lows on the week.
The December Spu traded 2529.25 after Fedex got rinsed and reversed.

That is a level I’ve been speaking about for weeks.

It was the low of the Globex opening.

I’ll be vigilant looking to see if the Indices do another stop run and reverse.
That type of price action would allow you to buy cheap weekly Lotto Calls in the Spu or Nasd.

Oil traders…the game is after inventories.
The low is a descent enough level for a bounce. You just won’t know if the sellers
are done until 9:35 CDT or 1:30 CDT

It’s year end.
Now is not the day to let it all hang out and ruin your holiday.

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