A.M. Look 11/22/19

Mixed bag; look to the names.

Spoo’s show a range.

Nasd 100 PNF, so far, has not rallied enough to confirm the weeks low.

Risk spreads have lost their mojo failing to get back over near term momentum. (Purple Line)

Gold/Bitcoin has broken out above its 200 DMA.

Headlines this A.M.; Bridgewater places a 1 Bil dollar bet on the downside.

It’s a nice headline, but it could be no more than buying some portfolio insurance.

Trade the market and the names off their own technicals.

Today will be about the late show. Who wants to hold em and who wants to fold em.

We’re coming into holiday trading when traders and institutions will start
pressing and over trading.

Don’t fall into that trap!

If you’ve been following PAX for the year you’re up big money.

Don’t rename your firm “SUM DUM TRADING”

Volatility has fallen off a cliff for the past two weeks.

It won’t stay like this.

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