A.M. Look 10/23/19

Late yesterday the few who stuck around got a lesson on the proper use of Fibs when applied to gap trading.

Nasd 100 traded to the 50% of the PIT gap last night and held.

Spoo’s showed 2984.50 is the bottom of value on the 25X3 PNF.

2968 print is needed to confirm yesterday’s high on the 50X3 PNF

PAX loves this level since it happens to line up with the opening range of the 4th Qtr.

30 Yr. Bonds are currently breaking back to the upside on the hourlies and half day charts.

Risk spreads have pattern follow through.

DAX is stronger than the U.S.

Be patient to see how New York responds to the earnings misses this A.M.

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