A.M. Look 10/11/19

This time it’s for real?

Nasd/Bonds are trading @ its 200 DMA. This is the level we broke from 10/1/19.

Spoo..100X3 shows room to 2986 ish

Aussie low this week looks good. The Peso is strengthening along with EWW,now trading above its 200 DMA.

GBPUSD…127.13 is the 200 DMA

Pretty much what you’d expect with a Risk On Board.

Keep your eye on the long end of the curve. This is where you could see the weekly ORL sell stops elected with further strength in the Indices.

30 Yr. 160.19 ORL stops
Ultra 188.310 ORL stops

ROKU and AAPL received big price target increase today.

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