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A.M. Look 10/16/20

XRT..Retail was on the boil yesterday. Fast Food names, RL,TPR,GPS,LEVI,GOOS,CROX. Low grade dog food and what’s on everybody’s shopping list for the holidays. Spoo’s should hold above 3468.75. Looking for 3519.75 to fill out the 50X3. Small and Midcap weighted … Continue reading

A.M. Look 10/5/20

Small and Midcaps have follow through strength. Spoo’s hit the top of value on the 50X3 Point & Figure. Gold…will need to maintain above 1890 to avoid rolling over on the 100X3 Keep an eye on the Mexican Peso through … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 9/24/20

Daily Market Intelligence 9-24-20

Daily Market Intelligence 8/24/20

Daily Market Intelligence 8-24-20

Daily Market Intelligence 7/30/20

Daily Market Intelligence 7-30-20

A.M. Look 5/26/20

The matches are in the Spoo’s, Russell & Mini Dow This is an initial extreme. Commodity Currencies have a big bid. Positive outlook for Australian Gold Miners is good for Aussie. Adding Risk without some back and fill is risky. … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 4/28/20

Daily Market Intelligence 4-28-20

Midday Missive

The rebalance is in full swing. Buying Equities and Selling of U.S. Treasuries. European debt futures are flying. Spoo’s can easily retest 2645 its 200 WMA. Russell can rally back to its long term point of control @ 1200 in … Continue reading

Midday Missive

Swiss National Bank to the early rescue. EUR/CHF was showing ORL day when Equity buying from the alchemists ran this first rally. Their favorite names AMZN,AAPL,MSFT led the rally. Russell held its 200 MMA which helped. This is a dating game!!!!!!!!! AUD/JPY … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 3/17/20

Daily Market Intelligence 3-17-20