Daily Market Intelligence 5/10/22

Trade with the trend. Trend is down.

Currently I have some matches on qtly charts into 2018 highs.

Russell is into its target area for this first wave down. Small cap energy got smoked with the topping pattern in Natty.

Nasd is into qtly momentum.

Pit Spoo shows a gap @ 3911.75 matching matrix work. We’ll see it before its over.

30 Yr. held its 2014 gap and rallied, which matched the Yield @ the top of a 40 Yr. Channel.

The short end put in reversal highs that I do not trust.

30 yr. must maintain above Friday’s payroll high of 137.29 with 138.00 reversal # on the 32X3 for. bottoming.

Taking it one day at a time looking for a mid-week rally to sell.

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