A.M. Look 1/7/21

30 Yr. Bonds have come into a level that will take further price action to violate.

Do interest rate differentials matter?

The Dollar and the precious metals seem to have initially reacted as one would expect from a steepening curve.

Gold sold off to unchanged on the year as FX traders paired Dollar shorts.

Bitcoin should show us the target today or tomorrow.

There is nothing bearish with the Risk Spreads.

Spoo..it will take price action into the 80’s to turn the 100X3 up.

That would trigger another chase for risk assets.

Last night I listened to the die-hard Trumpists justify their repugnant behavior.

I gave you a loaded gun, lit the match, but it’s your fault for pulling the trigger.

This is the Flip Wilson school of ethics.

“The devil made me do it!”

Republican Mike Gallagher from Wisconsin’s 8th district ( Greenbay cheesehead  central ) had the most concise and thoughtful commentary on the days’ events.

He is a man to watch. He clearly took and passed his ethics class with flying colors!

Those of us that are old enough remember when ethics was a required course.

Time to reinsert that back into the curriculum.

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