A.M. Look 1/3/20

Spoo...3234-6 is resistance matching the daily ORL.
Gaps; 3207.10.      3186-94.
Initial Downside target for this swing is 3199.

DJI...Initial Downside target for this swing is 28,377

Nasd 100 has not elected downside targets.
8769.50 is the reversal #.
8571.50-46.50 is a Pit gap

Nasd 100/Bond traded to top of gap. (potential Bear Trap)

DAX is into its 50 DMA and cloud support. 13,171.50 is the reversal #.

30 Yr. Bonds…158.04 is 50 DMA.

It’s early with everyone now waiting to see the reaction from U.S. Investors to a possible full on conflagration in the Mideast.

ORL’s are working in most Futures Indices.
Risk spreads do not confirm those patterns, rather they show a corrective phase. form overbought conditions.

The room will be open early.

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