A.M. Look 1/23/19

Spoo’s put in a pause that refreshes on the 25X3.

Technical models do not turn in a day, rather they can take two weeks to confirm a change in direction. They are a lagging indicator!

Was yesterday’s high the first sign that the model is attempting to turn or was last night’s low a mid-week shuffle low to be bought?

We led off on a Spy short with limited risk yesterday.
We can’t lose money on the trade!

Price action over the next couple of sessions will tell us what is real.

FBTP…Italian Bonds were the ticket.
I’m surprised that the metals have had such a lacklustre response.

Oil…Inventories today. The fat is out of the short side of the trade with a retest of its 200 WMA overnight.

Trading Unfiltered, Episode 51 – with Yra Harris – 1-22-20 Link: https://youtu.be/cSK4PCwZ18s 

FBTP reversal ahead of ECB meeting. Possibility of a unified European debt instrument. Canada, USDCAD, CADCHF, EURCAD, GBP. Palladium & Platinum. Equity/Bond spreads. Tomorrow’s news, today. Hosted by Judd and Pax of Whitewave Trading Strategies & The PAX Group Read Yra’s blog: https://yragharris.com

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