Why WhiteWave?

Why WhiteWave?

We’ve been a step ahead for over 40 years.

Wall Street would have you believe one cannot identify when the stock market is vulnerable to a correction.

Mainstream media experts would also have you believe you cannot identify low risk Long Equity or Index entry.

Why? Because they do not have a reliable repeatable process.

WhiteWave is an independent firm free of conflict of interest.

If you’re willing to do a little work you will be rewarded for your effort. We are more than happy to answer questions and assist with using our work to enhance your returns.

We write 2-3 daily updates to keep you abreast of market conditions as opportunities arise.

We communicate in short readable actionable missives.

The week of February 5th saw a sudden rise in volatility and a 10% decline in prices from the all-time high on January 26th. This sudden shift in market behavior caught many off guard. Well, of course it did!

Everyone had grown accustomed to fourteen months of calm. And the moment things started to shake a little, people freaked out.

Our clients have been ahead of the curve and days ahead of consensus.

Our proprietary risk models were able to identify the risks forming giving our clients time to take defensive measures to protect their portfolios.

Some trimmed long positions, some bought put options and others used short etf’s as hedges.

One RIA client shorted the Russell 2000 against long client positions.

Four days later on 2/9/18 that client successfully covered that short after reading out alert to cover all short positions.

Below is a bullet point chronology of our work since 4th qtr 2017.

  1. 10/1/17 our proprietary S&P 500 risk spreads broke out of a 20 yr. pattern flagging a 300-point upside move with a 2800 initial price target.
  2. 1/16/18 the S&P 500 achieved its target @ 2800.
  3. We remained bullish the Indices with focus on the Nasd 100.
  4. We reconfirmed that the Nasd 100 had a 7000 Price target which it would print before volatility picked up.
  5. 1/24/18 Nasd 100 hit the 7000 target.
  6. This was extremely important because our Nasdaq risk model was approaching its 20 yr. high.
  7. Instruments have a 95% + probability of initial price rejection the first time into a multi decade level.
  8. 1/29/18 we warned in the Late Show of the increased risks and that Equity Indices were rolling over caused by the disruption of rapidly rising U.S interest rates. We alerted our RIA clients it would be wise to hedge Long positions they did not wish to sell.
  9. 1/30/18 we sent out an alert that we were going neutral the Equity Indices.
  10. 1/31/18 we went neutral our Risk models which had been Bullish for a year!
  11.  2/5/18 WhiteWave went short-term negative Indices looking to sell mid-week rallies.
  12.  2/9/18 we confirmed the low with an intra-day note as the S&P 500 was trading into its 200 Daily Moving Average. The correction was over
  13. Daily Market Intelligence report 2/23/18 we illustrated why we thought the Wall Street pundits had lost the plot by calling for another big downdraft in the markets

If you’d like to learn more you can click on the research link to our site or just call.


There is no such thing as a Silver bullet but our process focuses on what our models are telling us. The models are designed to identify probable outcomes free of guesswork and opinion.

Four decades of Experience and Methodology.

All my best,

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